#11 – Reputation NOT for sale: Can two-token systems help?


How can we avoid that influence in our DAO can be bought?

How can we avoid that influence in our DAO can be bought?

We are desiging the tokenomics of our DAO and when thinking through governance we came across this interessting problem. We want to reward active contributors who add value to the ecosystem with governance rights first and foremost. We also want to give simple investors a voice, for sure, but this should not outweight community members who work hard for it.

This problem seems to be on the minds of many people in the space and so we got together to discuss our ideas and ideas we pick up and several interesting articles and podcasts along the way.

We hope you enjoy our discussion and are looking forward to hear your ideas as well!

Optimism Collective Announcement:


Bankless HQ Podcast on Optimism:

A16Z piece on Reputation-Based Systems:


Self Sovereign Identity for on chain credentials:

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What is Self Sovereign Identity
This is a topic I’ve come across a while ago, but didn’t fully understand. It doesn’t have a token and thus does not receive as much attention as other blockchain applications or infrastructure components. That’s probably also why there aren’t a ton of good explanations on what it is and what it is used for. Yet the topic is a fundamental building block…
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