#10 – Spinning up the DAO's content flywheel


Creating high quality content that is easy to understand is at the core of what got Tokenomics DAO started. We have received immense inflows of subscribers, members and even several consulting requests because of content. Content is what moves the flywheel in our business and keeps our DAO growing. So, how do we make sure this flywheel keeps spinning faster and faster so we can scale up as an organization? That’s what we are discussing in this podcast episode.

The process of writing:

Intro to the Tokenomics DAO flywheel: https://tokenomicsdao.substack.com/p/from-roadmap-to-token?s=w

Jim Collins Flywheel: https://www.jimcollins.com/concepts/the-flywheel.html

The Feynman Technique: https://fs.blog/feynman-technique/

You can watch this episode on YouTube:

Sound Logo Attribution – It Starts Here – https://www.fiftysounds.com