To make better decisions in web3 you need to understand the basics of tokenomics.

Anyone can learn this on their own, for free, simply by following our accounts on social media and reading our content. This is a lot of work, and we are by no means the only account you should follow! There is so much high-quality content out there, but it is often hard to know what is relevant, what is merely interesting and what is plain garbage.


Token ecosystems are evolving at break-neck speed. There is so much to keep up with, it is overwhelming to be honest. Our bet is that web3 will revolutionize the world of finance, money, borrowing & lending, art, culture and online work. A lot of this is already happening and tokens allow us to iterate on new innovative solutions incredibly quickly.


We believe, that you need to understand the lingo and get a grip of the most important concepts. That’s why we have produced the Tokenomics Design Framework, the Investor Framework (NGMI) and the tokenomics calculation template. 

–> All of these and MORE is covered in the intro course, in detail! 

We created a structured online curriculum that we recorded during 5 consecutive live sessions. The videos from these sessions have been edited and added to a self-service online course that you can consume on demand! There is a lot to cover, but we have seen students complete the whole course in less than 3 days! This is likely the fastest way to get you from 0 to 1 in tokenomics, and it comes with professional tools to boot!


We designed this course to take you from tokenomics enthusiast to doing your own tokenomics-based research as fast as possible.

Intro to Tokenomics

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