A community exploring tokenomics

After a few articles, some interesting feedback and consulting requests I am thinking through where to go next with this tokenomics topic.

There are a bunch of passionate and interested people out there who find the content useful and valuable. Others might even like to contribute, share their experience and bring more clarity to the space of tokenomics. I personally like spending time on this, writing articles is cool, but doing it within a community would amplify the whole thing.

Why a community?


Hive mind. Many minds are better than just one. Jointly working on a common goal will make a product so much better. A group of people has a wider reach and can create a competence centre or knowledge pool around the topic. This again can be valuable for the whole ecosystem.

A vibrant community could become a place where ideas can be exchanged and worked on and where protocols come to seek expertise. 

A unified way to present and document tokenomics would help a lot of people, not just me who struggles to find what I need to know on almost any protocol website or discord.

To me, there are a few areas where I think a community could add value:

  1. Creating a central repository to document tokenomics of protocols (with diagrams) giving users, developers and investors easier access to content.

  2. Create a place to discuss all things tokenomics.

  3. Offer consultation to projects to get deep into the weeds working out how a protocol could model its own tokenomics.

  4. Write and publish deep dive articles on interesting projects.

There could be more, but this is all I can think of right now.

Anyway, I’d like to somehow start the discussion around this and find out if there is an interest for collaboration.

I’ve created a small discord to get started, feel free to say hi if you’d like to contribute or have some ideas.

Join here